Most Charming Towns in Uganda

Uganda is known for its mountain gorillas and often casts a shadow over other attractions, especially cities. Uganda has wonderful cities worth visiting. In cities such as Entebbe, Fort Portal, Mbale and Jinja, there are some fascinating places to visit such cities on a safari. Lake Victoria's Entebbe and Sesse beaches include sunbathing, swimming, adventure activities such as rafting and bungee jumping in Jinja, nature and wildlife excursions at Fort Portal and Mbale, reduced traffic and congestion, food and more. Great for culture. Below are five of Uganda's most popular cities and the attractions you can see when visiting one of them.

Most Charming Towns in Uganda

Fort Portal city

Fort Portal city is found on the foothills of Mountains of the Moon in Kabarore district western Republic of Uganda. Fort portal is set to become a forest town, thanks to the tree planting policy that has created it the cleanest city in Republic of Uganda.

The variety of natural attractions close the city like the forty and vale crater lakes, Kibale forest, Semuliki hot springs and therefore the views of Mount Rwenzori is what sets fort portal city apart. Tourists will keep within the city and organize nature and life day tours like great ape pursuit, game drive, birding, nature walks and high of the world’s hike, exploring the Amabeere caves, bathing within the healing waters of Sempaya hot springs of Semuliki parkland and plenty of a lot of.

Fort Portal is additionally one of the historic and cultural cities in Republic of Uganda. Named when Gerald Portal a British Imperialist, Fort Portal still holds ancient. Home to Toro Kingdom, the palace may be a fine piece of design and therefore the burial grounds of the previous 3 kings of Toro idle seven meters south of the city. Cultural rituals like Batooro name giving ceremony area unit typically conducted at the palace and open for travelers.

Particular historical sites to go to embrace Amabeere caves with cascading waterfalls on the aspect area unit set concerning 10km from the city. though the caves area unit stalagmites and stalactites, there’s a motivating story of the Bachwezi Empire you'll hear whereas enjoying a practice the forest to the waterfalls.

The weather is cool, scenery is gorgeous, Fort may be a romantic city and there’s perpetually some event or competition occurring each night/day. a day native folks flock to Mpanga market, wherever farmers together with girls sell contemporary fruits, domestically fully grown tea and craft merchandise. guests will attempt exploring the Mpanga Tea plantations.

Tourists will get to Fort Portal city from capital of Uganda by four hours drive. From Queen Elizabeth parkland or Kibale forest, aiming to the city takes but one hour drive.

Mbale Town

Mbale city is found in jap Republic of Uganda concerning 52km from Mount Elgon, the world’s largest volcanic crater base and fifth tallest mountain in East Africa. Mbale is that the entrance to uganda’s attractions in jap and northern Republic of Uganda together with Pian Upe Game Reserve, Kidepo vale parkland and Mount Elgon parkland.

Mbale accustomed be the cleanest city of Uganda and it's one in every of the simplest cities to relax and wind in Uganda.


Kampala is that the capital town of Republic of Uganda. this is often the executive city and business capital of Republic of Uganda. Frequented by several tourists this is often the last word entrance to Uganda’s alternative cities. guests and residents of capital of Uganda area unit aware of its major looking malls, craft and food markets, hotels, restaurants, night life, places of military vehicle, historical and cultural heritage attractions, etc.

Jinja city

Jinja city is that the journey capital of Republic of Uganda. set on the shores of Victoria Nyanza, city is most famous for being the the supply the Nile River! Being a chief location of the supply of the world’s longest watercourse makes city a documented city in Republic of Uganda. it's {the journey|the journey} capital only if innumerable adventure activities most developed basing on aquatic business. city is that the best destination for foam rafting in East Africa.

Jinja it's smart access to the watercourse Nile and Victoria Nyanza providing the simplest out of doors journey and recreation activities like foam rafting from grade 1-5, family floats, sunset boat cruises, house boat stays, kayaking, rope jumping, swimming, horseback riding, all parcel quad biking, packing and bivouacking visits, cycling, bird observance and fishing.

For weekend vacation breaks, guests will set up one day or a pair of days tour to city city that is just a pair of hours drive from capital of Uganda town. If you're upset concerning wherever to remain, there's loads of choices that expect you. Accommodation ranges from luxury to budget lodges and hotels also as bivouacking places! There area unit innumerable bars and restaurants set on the watercourse aspect. The city also can be explored on foot if you would like to buy crafts, food or take photos of Indian subject buildings like Indian temple. simply minutes from the city, you'll conjointly visit the Nile breweries, wherever common brew brands like Nile Special, Club, Nile Gold, and chateau low-cal area unit made.

Other attractions, you'll visit embrace the Hydro-electric power stations of Bujagali and Owen Falls Dam that generate electricity to Republic of Uganda and African nation.

Entebbe town

Situated on the shores of Victoria Nyanza the 2nd largest lake within the world, Entebbe is another captivating city that's worthy exploring. The city is that the final entrance to Republic of Uganda only if it's the International airdrome, the most entrance to Republic of Uganda. There area unit various white sand beaches ideal for beach goers and people World Health Organization need sunshine, relaxation and chilling on a weekend or honeymoon.

Entebbe has Uganda’s international airdrome, military base and therefore the state house of the president. As a entrance to Republic of Uganda, its wherever most travelers land and depart the country thence one will explore the city previous or when a campaign.

Founded in 1893 as a British colonial business center, the history of town is value to find sites like Kigungu, the primary catholic martyrs church. To explore this lovely city, there area unit should visit attractions and higher. town zoological garden, the biological science gardens, the snake park area unit worthy to pay every day doing activities like feeding animals together with lions, giraffe, python, rise up shut with the chimpanzees, or walk round the gardens to sport birds. Serious birders area unit suggested to go to Mabamba soil, to sport the wader wader however this vital birding space is home to over three hundred birds and accessible by a dug-out canoe.

Entebbe is very common for beaches like Spennah, Aero beach, recreation facility with restaurants, bars and direct access to water primarily based activities like speed seafaring, fishing, sunset boat cruises, swimming. Tourists World Health Organization might not need to remain by the shores, you rather head to Sesse islands that area unit accessible by a ferry that departs town a day at 08am and 2pm. Bulago area unit the islands with luxury, budget accommodation also as camp sites with campfires. lots of activities is done like visiting fishing villages, boat cruise, canoeing and athletics.

For a lot of great ape expertise, Ngamba islands accessible by a pair of hours boat ride is home to forty nine chimps that area unit taken care of when rescue from poachers.

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